Modern Kitchen Designs Will cover a wide range of ideas in this category.Taking concepts from the traditional and the contemporary and not following their patterns they can look futhuristic or just modern looking. This gives a broad spectrum of designs to pick from, the kitchen cabinet structural design can also be framed or frameless. The materials can be similar or the Modernfuturisticconcept3use of newer of paneled veneered sheeting and man made materials, metals, composites. Left the ceiling design in the concept kitchen is the stand out feature lights and accessories add a futuristic touch. In the next imageModernfuturisticconcept2a beside the colour curves stand out in the kitchen with rounded cabinets, corner pantries, peninsula eating bar, curved shelves and appliances show the intent with this design. Moderntraditionalraisedislandfeet1aBelow is a modern traditional using features set in the past plumbing and electrical fixtures with cabinetry ...... More ....Back

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