Walk-out deck

Dura deck on top of 3/4" fir plywood. Screwed down onto 2" x 10" treated lumber spanned @ 16" O/C. Sitting on 3 ply 2" x 10" beam supported on 3 - 6Deck stairs" x 6" posts..... Below left.... Stair treads are dura deck covered on double 3/4" fir plywood screwed together with 1-1/2" red oak solid nosing on front edge. Connected to stringers with 3 - 6" galvanized bolts silicone sealed on both sides...Below...Stair stringers are covered with dura Stringers with bolted treadsdeck on 2 - 2" x 12" x 16' spruce one cut to hold treads premium PL 400 glued and screwed together. Below left Black railings, bottom rails, posts, spindles and tempered Black railings spindle and glass panelsglass secured with galvanized sheet metal black screws, connected to deck with lag bolts sealed with silicone.

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