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Family or living room makeover.

This inviting room is smaller with a high ceiling the millwork has a light clear finish eventhough their is lots of woodwork on the ceiling, windows, bookcases, mantle and posts on each side of the fireplace the combination is not over powering the small room. Furnished with four arm chairs and a couple of side pieces the room makes for a pleasant place to read a book or work on a laptop project.

Familyroomwithstoneandslatefireplace1 This Family room has a interesting fireplace that uses two distinctively different stone materials. The lower half is field stone that surrounds the woodburning fireplace, the ledge that finishes off the field stone has a lopsided slope above is a state looking tile installed in a regular pattern that has a cappuccino stained mantle with one bracket finished on top flat thick wood trim matching the mantle colour. The other noticable feature in this room would be the use of the same paint colour for the walls and ceiling.

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