Traditional kitchen cabinets Can vary. They bring touches from the past with Cornice mouldings over top cabinets, while raised door panels come to mind most often in a traditional design. Another elegant look may be created by adding doors and drawers with Applied mouldings which gives simpler lines to a traditional design. Using both can give an interesting look to the cabinets. Detailing can be the most common feature to a classic traditional compared to other kitchen designs.

Backsplash can be detailed with many accents or consist only of simple lines and still establish a stylish look in between the cabinets. When keeping faithfully to a traditional concept, picking up some colour in the cabinets will keep the transition easy to work out. But do not be afraid to use bold colours, as they can create a nice contrast.

Countertops today come in many different materials. Most often, the choice for a traditional kitchen is Granite which insinuates a solid and aged look, thus fitting in with the various accents that this kitchen style attains. Other surfaces include marble, concrete and various laminates. ....More ....Back Contact us for a quote

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