Contemporary Kitchens

Often look very modern in design compared to other kitchens the main difference contemporary cabinets are most often made from man made materials creating the widest design flex abilities when choosing cabinets, appliances, floors,lighting, and countertop materials.

Materials of choice can be wood veneers, natural stones, metal, concrete, plastic, and glass.Contemporary style has a clean open space area feel in its design open walls large windows avoiding the use of cabinet mouldings, cornices, crown moulding, wood turned posts or carvings and raised panelled doors and finished end or gables, ornamentation is a missing feature in a contemporary kitchen.This flat surfaced look works well in a small kitchen as well in large designs.

Backsplash has a stong clean look,colours can be bright or dark. Stacked tiling works along with small glass tiles and large glass panes. Metal backsplashes also look good in contemporary renovations. ....More ....Back

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