Countertops most the time are of a solid man made product they come in many different colours and sizes. Granite can be used in a contemporary if the pattern stand out like the use of a Black Pearl from a distance it conforms to the this kitchen cabinet style only up close do you see the pattern that is natural in this material. Laminates also are excellent choice.

Lighting and fixtures with pot lights inside the ceiling to smooth looking pendants hanging over the island the focus is clean lines if possible illuminating the area with hidden fixtures can look good in a contemporary as can a single light fixture on its own.

Flooring their is a large selection of materials to pick from light hardwoods that show little or no grain to dark solid looking hardwood where the grain is minimized by the colour. Tiles with naturally small patterns and or solid colours. Bamboo and new vinyl flooring can also work in kitchen renovations. ....Back

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